What is #lightbrightyeg?

#lightbrightyeg is an initiative that brings light therapy lamps to the Stanley Milner Public Library in downtown Edmonton, Alberta.

Why #lightbrightyeg?

Edmonton is a great city with wonderful aspirations. The vibrancy and energy that has taken over the city is contagious and invigorating – but we also have to acknowledge that it can be difficult to maintain that energy sometimes with the short winter days.  Some people go to work before the sun rises and leave work after the sun sets. This can cause symptoms of sadness and depression for many people. I work in mental health in Edmonton, so I am aware of the impact that this can have. I also know that I definitely feel the burn when I don’t get enough sunshine.

Unfortunately we can’t send every Edmontonian on a tropical vacation in the dead of   February, but we can  help remedy this situation with light therapy lamps. They have been proven to be helpful for people who experience depression and sadness due to a deficit of exposure to sunlight. Light therapy has been thoroughly clinically tested at major university centers, and has been established as the international standard for treatment of winter depression, milder “winter blues,” and other chronobiological, circadian rhythm sleep and mood issues.

Light therapy lamps can cost hundreds of dollars – not everyone can afford to purchase one. #ligthbrightyeg aims to provide all Edmontonians the opportunity to use light therapy if they require it.

Beyond providing equal access to a necessary service for some Edmontonians, I also hope to generate discussion on how we can incorporate light therapy lamps in more public spaces.

In Sweden, where they also experience long winters and short days, they have acknowledged the winter blues and installed light therapy bulbs in public bus stops! Check it out here:


Where can I find #lightbrightyeg?

#lightbrightyeg can be found at the Stanley Milner Public Library in heart of Downtown Edmonton.

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